About PV Points

About PV points Every GE product has a point value (PV) (You can find it on our price list and on our website). When you make your order the system will request your consumer code. Gano Excel Office staff or Business Partners will encode your order into the system on the given code and the…

How Can You Order?

How to order on our website? 1. If you are not yet a Gano Excel member: only registered members can buy products for a retail price indicated in the price list. If you decide that you would like to become Gano Excel member and buy our products at customer price, you should register via your…

bank center


bank center

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Email: info@ganoexcel.hu

Fax: +36-1/796-1190

Gano Excel Hungary Ltd.
Bank Center, 
7 Szabadság Square

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00

Gano Excel International
Lot 2774, Lebuhraya Bukit Kayu Hitam,
Pekan Asun, 06000, Jitra,
Kedah Darul Aman,


DISTRIBUTORSHIP  a. I do not receive my password for the back office?  You will receive a welcome letter from the automated system once your payment is cleared and the application is being approved.    b. What can I do with my Distributor ID?  The automated Distributor ID is valid for 7 working days; however, it will…

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Nem találod kérdésedre a választ? Írj nekünk az info@ganoexcel.hu e-mail címre! Ha nem tudod megfogalmazni a problémát, mellékelj képernyőfotót, melyet a billentyűzete PrtScn gombjának lenyomásával, egy word vagy jpg dokumentumba Ctrl+V-vel beillesztve menthetsz le! 🙂   Rendszerhasználat – ganoexcel2u.com  Kérdés (K): Hogyan regisztrálhatok a Gano Excel központi rendszerébe? Válasz (V): Regisztrálni akkor tud valaki, ha a következő alapadatokat…


Disclaimer:This site’s editors do not claim that Gano Excel products directly prevent, or cure any disease.This site’s editors do not suggest that anyone should replace traditional medical treatment with our products.Gano Excel’s products are considered food, not medicine, so they can be used as supplements.(Sources: Facebook page of Ganoderma Testimonials and Gano Excel Hungary, videos of the Gano…